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There are other services I offer... so... let's check em out. 

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Printable and ready to download material based on

                                            Blogs which can be used for

                                            character development

                                          - Cool and interesting infor-

                                             mation about the worlds

                                             the Roleplayer’s characters

                                             live and die.

  • Some interesting history information Roleplayers can use during game play

  • Synopsis of material covered in a user-friendly way


BLOGs for Developing Strong Characters

Posts for Roleplay

  • Detailed and easy to follow advice in a way all gamers can use to develop strong roleplaying.

  • Information designed to help Gamers roleplay (Act) their characters

  • Performance techniques such as dialects and character voices

  • As wall as others specialized, but rousing fun techniques to be used in roleplay.


    TS on set of ABC's Sleepy Hollow 

         as Resident Dialect Coach


  • 3 V-log postings a week covering material on how to “act” the role of your character

  • Examples on how to apply new material and topics to your roleplay

  • Performance techniques such as:

    • Dialects

    • Character voices

    • Stage Combat and

    • Other acting techniques


Articles (Exclusively for the site's Subscribers)  

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ARTICLES (Subscribers Only) 


  • Articles on a variety

        of subjects designed

        to help Roleplayers in and

        GM's during  game-play

        as well as:

  • Interviews & discussions

        with and authors.

  • Methods of publishing your campaign 

  • Weekly/Monthly reviews of the material we have covered and future topics.

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    TS in ADR booth, CBS's Hawaii 50

                  as Dialect Coach

Additional Services (compensated)

  • Zoom sessions for coaching players on their character (appointments only)

  • Zoom Sessions for Roleplaying groups on ways to enhance their roleplay

  • Guest lectures to area gaming groups and stores

  • Guest speaking at convention

  • Guest lectures for Writing Clubs and Book Stores

  • Editing and ghost writing for GM’s, on the world(s) they have created.

  • Editing short stories and novels

  • Tactical advice on using actual combat techniques during melee

  • And other specialized areas of interest