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For All of Those Who Love Gaming

Who roll their dice without complaining

With a Heroes strength and courage abound

Generous to a fault ,so it's drinks all around

Full of life and ready to fight, be it foe or beast

True to the party at day's end, till glowing east.

We fight on staying talking strategy--

every single detail

From all kinds of backgrounds, city and farms and other places they hail.

Here's to the gamer who brings them to life, giving them granger through meaning

Playing them true,

Knowing what to do

Speaking form the heart and playing from the gut, never "Being a Character," never seaming

For the Roleplayer knows that playing the part

The character has life, desire and hart

Much the actor portraying a role

The gamer is similar, playing with soul.

Acting is Roleplaying, Roleplaying is Acting.

I hope I see you soon.

T.S. Nice

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